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    Thoughts about Software Development and other stuff.

    FOSDEM slides

    On Sunday I have given a talk about mbeddr and how we build it at FODESM. You can find the slides at speakerdeck where you can also download them as a PDF. And here you can find the original Keynote 6 files. The talk was also recorded and I will

    mbeddr arduino release

    After some month of low activity in the mbeddr.arduino repository I found more time to work on it in the past week. It is now in a state that it is reasonable to release a first version of it. This version contains a very fist look at the features

    sleep modes with mbeddr.arduino

    Here is a little status update on the mbeddr.arduino project. We are getting closer to the first "release", which will be an early access version but we want to get it into the hands of people to try it. The main topic on this post is not

    jetbrains MPS debian package

    Good news for all debian and ubuntu users using the Meta Programming System by JetBrains: I have just created a debain package for it. I have also setup a repository on this server to allow easy handling. In order to use it open a root shell and run the following

    Trainmonitor: The API and why it sucks

    Recently I have published my Trainmonitor app, that is using a backend server to get the train data and do the notifications. To communicate with the server I have an HTTP API, some people might call it a RESTful API, but we will see later that this is not the