Happy birthday mbeddr 🎉.

Today marks the 10th birthday of the mbeddr open source project. Looking back on my experience with MPS and mbeddr and what is ahead of me.

Meta Programming System Mentoring Experiment 2022.

This year the JetBrains Meta Programming System (MPS) community has continued to grow. Many new names joined the MPS Slack and asked lots of questions. After years of almost stagnation, it motivates me to see growth in the community and adoption of MPS.

Skadi Cloud Gist.

Share MPS code snippets on the web as easy as text.

Skadi Cloud - May Update.

After the release about a month ago it’s time for the first bigger update. A couple of small fixes and major features found their way into skadi cloud!

How JetBrains Meta Programming System (MPS) Identifies Things.

How does MPS identify languages, solutions, models, concepts, nodes, or even properties? In this blog post, we take look at the details.

Skadi Cloud - an Experiment with JetBrains Projector and MPS.

Getting JetBrains MPS into the browser with Projector on Kubernetes.

JetBrains Projector a Game Changer for MPS Projects?.

My thoughts on the new Projector project by JetBrains, how we can use it with MPS and how it relates to modelix.

A new Home for my MPS Tutorials.

Introducing Fernsprecher for IntelliJ IDEs.

Fernsprecher is a plugin for IntelliJ based IDEs by JetBrains like Meta Programming System (MPS) that makes it easy to read IDE logs in the browser.

JetBrains MPS Generators: Down the Rabbit Hole.

Update to MPS 2018.3: Behind the Scenes.

Testing in JetBrains Meta Programming System: What and Why?.

Heavy Meta: A Streaming Series on JetBrains MPS.

MPS, Feature Branches and Language Migrations: DOs and DON’Ts.

Streaming, Contributing to MPS and Git Workflow.