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Happy Birthday omegatau.

Well this is my first post on a non software development topic and I would like to say happy birthday to my favourite podcast omegatau for their 100th episode. And I would like to thank Markus and Nora for this awesome project. I think my first episode was number 22 about nuclear fission in late 2009 and felt in love with it right at that point. In the following years there were so many awesome episodes that I would recommend you to listen to each of them, but as always I have some favourites. My all time favourite German Episode is number 58 “Komplexe Systeme” which shows how to design complex systems without being complicated. Also the German episode number 65 – Eisenbahnsicherungstechnik is awesome.

My favourite English episodes are the two Apollo episodes (83 and 97) those episodes really gave me a deep look into how Apollo worked and what hap pend up there. And the recent CERN episodes (1, 2, 3, 4) are damn good two and should give a pretty good impression how leading edge the LHC is. So open your favourite pod-catcher and add http://omegataupodcast.net/