Here you can find a selected list of projects I have worked on. Most of them are side project I created to learn some new things as well as fun projects like my regual streams. These projects are mostly around JetBrains MPS:

Heavy Meta

Is a streaming series on Twitch about JetBrains MPS. I typically do two streams a week and it also includes a monthly MPS community update.

MPS Extensions

Is a set up extensions to make your life as language developer in MPS easier. It’s an open source project together with JetBrains where I’m one of the maintainers.

Is a small website that tries to collect a lot of community information around MPS. It’s inspired by “awesome lists”.

These are some of my old projects. I don’t work on them anymore but if you are curious feel free to take a look at them. The source code of all of them is on github.


Is a small app to get realtime informations about delayed long distance trains in Germany.

mbeddr arduino

Is an extension for mbeddr which I work on full time a Itemis.


Is a experiment to try event driven software development in C#. It’s a node.js style event driven none blocking webserver for .Net.