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Some playgrounds to explore CIFilters on OSX.

For a side project, which I haven’t revealed yet, I was playing around with CIFilters in swift. As usual I used a playground for trying them out. Playgrounds are really nice to try theses things. You change the cpde and you have an instant result. No need to code a sample app and deal with UI just code and get a result.

Image of playground

While doing that I tried a lot of different filters and compared them. I found this pretty useful and started creating more and more filters in my playground. At some point I googled a bit so see if I can find a playground that contains all of theCIFilters to explore them. I did not find any, decided to create one and share it. I have put the code on Github. For performance reasons there is a singe playground per CIFilter category. Otherwise the playground isn’t really snappy and you would have to wait a long time to see the result. It’s not complete though. There are a lot of filters and for me the color effect and combination filters were the most important to try. Currently the repo contains the filter for the categories: CICategoryBlur, CICategoryColorAdjustment, CICategoryColorEffect, CICategoryCompositeOperation and CICategoryDistortionEffect. I have plans to add more filter categories when I need them but if you like to contribute, pull requests for adding more filters are highly welcome.

Hope someone finds this useful and it safes some time to find the right filter and parameters. 🙂