mbeddr arduino.

mbeddr.arduino is a DSL to write programs for the Arduino platform. This page is a short overview about the project and its goal.


The idea behind it is to make programming the Arduino hardware easier and to avoid common pitfalls because of lacking typesystem integration or limitations of the preprocessor on which all of the other libraries for Arduino rely. This is done by adding first class language concepts for commonly used patterns in the Arduino world. For example conditional sleep modes:

#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include <avr/sleep.h>

//some code here
if (some_condition)
sleep(mode: Idle Mode, condition: some_condition);


The foundation for all of this is mbeddr which is a extensible implementation of C. You can find tons of informations and papers about how it works in detail on the mbeddr website.


Currently mbeddr.arduino supports most of the Arduino Uno hardware features. It is constantly evolving and I plan to add support for other board in the future. For now I plan to complete the Uno support and then move on to some more sophisticated boards. But many of the language concepts arn’t tied to any particular hardware. Further boards will be quite easy to add because mbeddr.arduino itself uses a DSL to describe its own supported hardware. This also enables you to write descriptions for missing boards or custom designed boards that are Arduino compatible. I plan to make a first release early in 2014 when I have finished some necessary refactoring. But you should be able to play with in the meantime, only be aware that some stuff might break.

Open Source

Obviously mbeddr.arduino is open source, it is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). All source code is available at Github.

Further Reading

The are also some slides of a short presentation I gave about the project some time ago on speakerdeck: